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League Members Database

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League Members Database
I wish to use DBMan to develop a league/clan database. I want members to be able to signup, create and modify only their own record. I think I've got that much working ok.

I want to limit members to a single record only, eg.

How can I limit them to only being able to create a single record?

Also, the DB_Key needs to be unique? Can I have DBMan auto-generate a numerical key that is unique (and uneditable by members) to meet that requirement? (as none of the other fields will be unique).

I get the feeling these questions are likely FAQs, but I can't find the answers.

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Re: League Members Database In reply to
Check out the Unofficial DBMAN FAQ web site listed in the DBMAN section of the Resources section.

BTW: There are also many threads for establishing member databasesm with DBMAN in the DBMAN forums.


Eliot Lee
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Re: League Members Database In reply to
To limit one records to per member, go to the resources page in this site and look for a mod called limit records. There are many permutations available and you should be able to find one that suit your needs. To make that DB key uneditable, the only way i know is to have it as a hidden field. If you want to display the key but make it uneditable, you still need to make it hidden but you can add the variable $db_key to your html.pl file at the appropriate subroutines.

I hope this helps.