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Internal error (*.cgi not executable)

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Internal error (*.cgi not executable)
Help me please!!

I am trying to run dbman on an external server (www.oneandone.co.uk). I can use custom cgi scripts but it only executes *.pl scripts. I can get the logon demo screen if I execute www.translatorsonline.co.uk/dbman/db.pl but not if I enter www.translatorsonline.co.uk/dbman/db.cgi

I have faithfully uploaded the files (in ASCII mode), updated the #!/usr/bin/perl line and edited the $db_dir_url variable.

If i try to log on, I get "Internal Server Error". I have tried renaming db.cgi to db.pl and changing the one reference within the files, uploading but still can't get beyond the login screen.

Can anyone help a frustrated new user??

Thanks in advance.

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Re: [andyJ] Internal error (*.cgi not executable) In reply to
It may be that you need to change the setting for your permission?

Please make a text copy of your .cfg file and post the url to where it can be viewed.

You can change the db.cgi filename to db.pl but do make that change in the .cfg file.

JPDeni has an excellent DBMan tutorial that includes a section on setting permissions with examples.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] Internal error (*.cgi not executable) In reply to
Thanks for your input, but after much fiddling, it now seems to work fine!

Andy Smile