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Internal Error

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Internal Error

I've installed dbman, and ran into some problems, checked the forum, got the debug command working, and now it's telling me what the problem is:

Error Message : Error loading required libraries.
Check that they exist, permissions are set correctly and that they compile.
Reason: syntax error at default.cfg line 155, near ") {"
syntax error at default.cfg line 164, near "}"
Compilation failed in require at /home/rapier/html/scripts/dbman/db.cgi line 52.

Script Location : /home/rapier/html/scripts/dbman/db.cgi
Perl Version : 5.006
Setup File : default.cfg

But I didn't touch that part of the default.cfg file, and I can't see what's wrong with it.

I've put copies of both db.cgi and default.cfg in a web-accesible folder, and changed them to .txt files in case anyone wants to take a look and see if they can help with this. You can get to them at rapier.atlantia.org/test/

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Re: [aodhfionn] Internal Error In reply to
I'm getting a 403 Forbidden error when accessing rapier.atlantia.org/test/

Doublecheck the field definitions in your config file. Make sure the field numbering begins with "0" (zero) and increases sequentially (0 1 2 3 ...).

Doublecheck that each field definition has a , (comma) at the end EXCEPT the LAST field.

Check the script path and make sure there is no trailing slash.

If the problem is not resolved with those suggestions, you would need to make your file accessible so it can be viewed via the web. (Indicating what host platform you're using would be helpful too. Unix, NT etc.)

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Re: [aodhfionn] Internal Error In reply to

Try changing:

email => [5, 'text', 50, 255, 1, '', ''],


email => [5, 'text', 50, 255, 1, '', '']


$auth_logoff = "http://rapier.atlantia.org"


$auth_logoff = "http://rapier.atlantia.org";

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RedRum: Feb 14, 2002, 2:56 PM
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Re: [aodhfionn] Internal Error In reply to
Hi again.

I made the changes suggested by Redrum, and it works fine, except that the items I added to the database using the Add Record feature are displaying all wrong, while the things I entered maually before I got it working are displaying properly. I've checked the .db file, and all of the items in it seem to be entered correctly, proper delimiters, etc.

If you want to see exactly what it's doing, go to http://rapier.atlantia.org/scripts/dbman/db.cgi and log on using author/author. (I'll be making that go away as soon as i get everything working right.)

Thanks for your help.
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Re: [aodhfionn] Internal Error In reply to
Seems okay to me... what it not displaying right?
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Re: [aodhfionn] Internal Error In reply to
except that the items I added to the database using the Add Record feature are displaying all wrong,
Since you made changes to the database fields after entering records, your database file may not be matching up with the fields. If you have only a few records in the database, you'd be far ahead to just upload an empty database file and reenter the records. If you have more than a few records, you'll need to identify which record the mismatch begins with. After identifying the mismatched record, try adding a hard return in the file at the end of that record, delete the blank line that will result then upload your file again. ~ Karen

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Karen: Feb 15, 2002, 11:01 PM
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Re: [Karen] Internal Error In reply to
Sorry, I've been away ... After I made the post asking for help, I did exactly what Karen suggested, and it worked. Now I've a new problem. I need to make the email adresses mailto links. I tried using an href mailto:$rec{'email'} command, and suddenly I'm getting the internal error message again. So I put it back the way it was, and I'm still getting the internal error message. I'm going to keep trying to solve this, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
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Re: [aodhfionn] Internal Error In reply to
Your database is no longer available using the login info you provided above.

You should open the database and view your record display and then check the source code and validate your coding to be sure you don't have any other errors.

In the FAQ there is a snippet of code you can add to your files so that you can specific error messages. It's listed under Troubleshooting as "Debugging - How To Obtain Useful Error Messages" that should help you pinpoint where the error is.

If you used JPDeni's configurator and have the following lines setup for the email address:

$url{'Email'} = $rec{'Email'};
$url{'Email'} =~ s/<\/?B>//g;

Then you will want to create the link to display the email like this:

<A HREF="mailto: $url{'Email'}"> ... </A>

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] Internal Error In reply to
Thanks, Lois. Turned out to be something stupid ... misplaced punctuation.

One last thing, then I'll shut up, since this should solve the last of my problems here ... I'm probably just overtired, or need glasses or something, but where in the code do I specify sort criteria for the List All? I need it to sort alphabetically by name when it diplays all the records, and it's not doing that.

Maybe I just need more coffee.
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Re: [aodhfionn] Internal Error In reply to
I setup variables within my .cfg file for my sorts

$sort_field ='2'; ### sort field for database
$sortorder = 'ascend';

Then to any links I create I add:


I also put hidden fields in various forms such as in:

sub html_view_search
sub html_view_failure

and my custom search forms

<input type="hidden" name="sb" value="$sort_field">
<input type="hidden" name="so" value="$sortorder">

This way you can easily change the sort order and have it maintained throughout the database.

Or can can simply add to all your links:

&so=acend&sb=#of sort field

Unoffical DBMan FAQ