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Internal Error, etc, etc..

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Internal Error, etc, etc..
Would anyone be kind enough to either post or email me a copy of what the cfg file should look like *before* I try accessing db.cgi. (I've tried and just get the infernal internal error) *s*

I think I can probably figure it out from there. But, a copy to use as a template could help me find out what I'm doing wrong and why I keep getting internal error messages.

So far, I can't even get the debug to work. *s*

I sure would appreciate it. Thanks!


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Re: Internal Error, etc, etc.. In reply to
Hi Stoney, <smile> the default.cfg file included in the program's download is an example of how the file should be setup.

A bit more information may help in resolving the problem you're having. Are you getting only the error message or, are you getting the login screen with the error message below it?

If the error message is being displayed below the login screen, change the debugging (in default.cfg) from
$db_debug = 1;

$db_debug = 0;


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Re: Internal Error, etc, etc.. In reply to
Hi Karen!

Thanks for responding. Debug is set but doesn't seem to work. Of, if it does, I don't know what it is doing. *s*

I'm new at this. I've been able to bluff my way through most cgi programs I have installed but this one has me a bit stumped.

Here's my url: http://hellospringfield.com/cgi-bin/db/db.cgi

Here's the error message I get: DBMan encountered an internal error. Please enable debugging to view.

Debug is set. First thing I did because I knew I would have problems. *s*

I set the cfg, loaded everything, checked the permissions, made sure what was supposed to be up.loaded in ASCII was.

My url is: http://hellospringfield.com/cgi-bin/db.cgi

My cfg file is at: http:://hellospringfield.com/karen

Maybe I need to config the database part but it was my understanding that I only had to reconfig a few lines and then access db.cgi directly and create my database from there. Is my thinking wrong?

Thanks for the assist.

P.S. Nice to see another female working on web development.

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Re: Internal Error, etc, etc.. In reply to
Hi Stoney, looks like you've given dbman a bit more info than he'd like to have <smile>

# URL of the directory dbman resides in. No Trailing Slash Please.
$db_dir_url = "http://HelloSpringfield.com/admin/dbman";
# URL of dbman.
$db_script_url = $db_dir_url . "/db.cgi";
# Full Path and File name of the database file.
$db_file_name = $db_script_path . "/default.db";
# Full path and file name of the counter file.
$db_id_file_name = $db_script_path . "/default.count";
# Full path and file name of the authorization directory.
$auth_dir = $db_script_path . "/auth";
# Full path and file name of the password file.
$auth_pw_file = $db_script_path . "/default.pass";
# Full path and file name of the log file.
$auth_log_file = $db_script_path . "/default.log";
# Full path and file name of the html routines.
require $db_script_path . "/html.cgi";

The $db_dir_url (listed in the first variable) is already included in this portion of the other variables: $db_script_url = $db_dir_url .
The . (dot) following the variables will join the first portions with whatever you provide as the last portion of the path/filename.

By changing your default.cfg file as indicated above, you should be on your way to getting dbman going. If you still have errors, doublecheck the path to perl and that you have uploaded all files in ascii text format.

~ ~ ~ You'll really be impressed with the forums here - there are many talented and helpful people lurking about, male and female. It's a great learning environment.

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Re: Internal Error, etc, etc.. In reply to
Hi Karen, sorry to bother you with my problems (at all described by terrible english), but I have same problem as Stone. I download DBMan, upacked into \mydomainroot\cgi-bin\dbman\ direcory (sure - with right path to subdirectories) and edit default.cfg (only one line - $db_dir_url = "http://www.nick.cz/cgi-bin/dbman" When I tried to acces BDMan by URL: http://www.nick.cz/cgi-bin/dbman/db.cgi I get Internal error.

Here is server log from my sambar web server:

[12/Nov/2000:19:33:42 +0100] Message (severity 10) file: D:\ver4\SERVER\http\httpcgi.c (771)
[12/Nov/2000:19:33:42 +0100] CGI execution failed: /usr/local/bin/perl D:\Inetpub\nick\cgi-bin\dbman\db.cgi

I run win98 SE/ sambar server 4.4beta / perl activestate 5.6.0 instaled (other scripts running well)

If you know how PLZ help me :-)

THX Litin

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Re: Internal Error, etc, etc.. In reply to
OKI this problem i solved. Please you who are running windows check that you have associated files with *.cgi extension to perl.exe.

CGI applications with the extension .bat, .exe and .pl are recognized and properly executed by many web servers. Files with other extensions require either a interpreter indicator at the top of the file (#!) or a file system association with the appropriate executable (see Using tcl, sh etc. below).

So you can add at begining of *.cgi scripts line like:
#!c:\Program Files\sambar\perl\bin\perl.exe

or in windows enviroment add files association to perl.exe