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Installation Problem

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Installation Problem

I have tried installing dbman, and am getting an 500 internal server error. I have checked and rechecked and can not figure out why. I do have another utility script running on this cgi bin and everything seems to be ok. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.


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Re: Installation Problem In reply to
Most common problems are usually:

- Incorrect paths to perl
- Didn't upload in ASCII mode
- Incorrect file permissions
- Error configuring default.cfg

If possible, could you please save your default.cfg as a text file to your website so we could view it? From there we may be able to determine the cause.

- Mark

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Re: [AstroBoy] Installation Problem In reply to
Hi all,

Can anybody tell me more about the file permission on NT platform? For what I can find in Readme file is Linux platform.

Please help.