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Incorrect format of search results

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Incorrect format of search results
My copy of dbman is newly configured and running, however, whenever I search for records, the initial
search form is not exactly like that in the dbman demo as regards colors and form fields...not of great
concern, but the search results, when returned, show the URL's of the records found as text statements
rather than links. Is this caused by improper editing of default.cfg or html.pl or dbman.cgi??

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Re: Incorrect format of search results In reply to
It's caused by not carefully editing the sub html_record routine in the html.pl file. If you have customized the codes in that routine, you need to turn of autogeneration in the default.cfg.

And the codes you need to use for "links" in the sub html_record routine are:


<a href="$rec{'URL'}">$rec{'URL'}</a>


Eliot Lee
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Re: Incorrect format of search results In reply to
Thanks very much...I hadn't yet customized the codes in the sub html_record and
applying the href anchor that you described didn't help, but your suggestion to turn off
form autogeneration in default.cfg solved the problem. Search results look much better
and html links work now.
Thanks again for your help
Jack Melano