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I Cannot Delete (only problem)

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I Cannot Delete (only problem)
I cannot delete any records from my database. Everything else works fine, however.

My add form is on an html page and the only change I made was to html_record_form; I give the form a name, I called it "a"

Can this be the culprit that is preventing me from deleting? The error message I am getting is (DBMan encountered an internal error).

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Re: I Cannot Delete (only problem) In reply to
I know this sounds like a silly question, but do you have your database setup to allow for deleting records?

Are you letting a default user add/modify/delete records?

Unoffical DBMan FAQ
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I found the problem. In reply to
I have the Upload MOD installed, and the directory for the images specified in the config file [$SAVE_DIRECTORY = "/www/Restaurants_Graphics"] did not exist on my server. In other words, there was no folder for dbman to look in to delete images along with the corresponding records.

I could have created the folder on my server, as specified in the the config file. Or I could have simlpy disable the file upload capabilty in the config file [$db_upload = 1;]. I did the latter.

I explained the problem and solution above so that if someone else should have the same problem this may be able to help.

Thanks LoisC, for responding.