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Help, Internal Server Error

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Help, Internal Server Error
I had the script working on my server: http://shs.2mm.com/cgi-bin/dbman/ and then I added new select fields and now I can not get the script to run at all. I have been working on this all day and my brain is fried. Any suggestions?

You can view the files at the above address. I have set up a login if needed for FTP or Telnet.

This is a cobalt server. Please Help or direct me to someone who can.
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Re: [cottin] Help, Internal Server Error In reply to
A few things I noticed:

When you add fields it's best to add them to the end of the list in your field definitions. Then you must also add them to the actual database by inserting a pipe to designate each additional field and the separation. With as many as you added you may need to just start with a new .db file if you are still in the testing phase.

In your .cfg file you have:

10TechEd => [31, 'alpha', 0, 255, 0, '', ''],
10WLang => [33, 'alpha', 0, 255, 0, '', ''],

Notice that the numbers are not consecutive .. you are missing 32

Your Userid field is now:

Userid => [70, 'alpha', 40, 15, 1, '', ''],

you need to change this setting to match the field number of your userid field:

$auth_user_field = 9;

change to:

$auth_user_field = 70;

9Art => 'Art Survey,Drawing,Painting,Ceramics-Jewelry Making,Textiles-Jewelry Making,2d and 3d Art Design',
9English => 'English I,English II,English III,English IV,English IV - Coll,

When defining your select fields in your .cfg file you need to add a comma to the end of all but the last line

I didn't check over your html.pl file, but be sure you have all the fields listed in your form.

Hope this gets you back up and running

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] Help, Internal Server Error In reply to
Thank you, I not a perl expert and this really helps. I ended up starting all over and using the configurtor found at:jpdeni.com/dbman/. It was a great help.