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Help! Interal Server Error!

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Help! Interal Server Error!

I'm currently running a personal server, Xitami, on XP Pro. I've tried two different installation guides and I'm still getting:

DBMan encountered an internal error. Please enable debugging to view.

Here's what I've done so far:
Everything is in the cgi-bin.
I've turned off flock
I've edited the config file so that the directory is an absolute path starting with C:/...
I've edited the db.cgi shebang line to represent where my perl.exe actually is.

Also, when I turn on debugging, I don't get a different error message. Please help me!

P.S. I'm an above average tech person, so you can respond in tech jargon and hopefully I'll understand.
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Re: [fidesachates] Help! Interal Server Error! In reply to
Hi! Several of us use Xitami. It takes me several attempts to get it running correctly every time I install it. I always seem to forget to install Perl and then once I do, I forget to re-boot.

What error message(s) are you getting?
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Re: [Watts] Help! Interal Server Error! In reply to
Well that's just the thing, all I'm getting is the error message above even when I turn on debugging.
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Re: [Watts] Help! Interal Server Error! In reply to
Ignore my previous post... apparently I"ve been smoking too much crack lately. Tongue

I was thinking Xitami setup problems not dbman...

Your path should look like this in .cfg

# URL of the directory dbman resides in. No Trailing Slash Please.
$db_dir_url = "http://rd0157ff21/cgi-bin/dbman";

replace the rd0157ff21 part with whatever you named your computer...

You want it be your computer name (machine name) you can use the old "" but it causes some problems when running more involved scripts, but at the moment I can't remember what it is.
(it's something to do with difference between the system seeing you as local user or a remote user - you can use the machine name if you want others on your network to access your server - maybe that's what it was?).
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Re: [Watts] Help! Interal Server Error! In reply to
You can try adding the following line after your perl path:

use CGI::Carp qw/fatalsToBrowser/; # For testing only

This will display errors in your browser. Also did you check your cgierr.log to see if it would provide any helpful error messages?

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