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Can it handle this?

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Can it handle this?
Hello all,

I have been playing around with the script for a few days now and have pretty much got a grip on how to set everything up. My database will have about 700 Records with about 125 fields each.

I have made some test entries in the database and tried to look at the "list All" for some reaseon it is placing the username in one of the fields. If you look at the ASCII it is putting it into the data file where it should not be. Has anyone ever had this problem? Can I have this many fields in my database?

can be seen at http://www.i-systems.com/cgi-local/db/db.cgi
(ignore all the place holders in the adda record field)

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In your .cfg file do you have this set to the field for your username?

# Auth user field. This is the field position in the database used for storing the userid who owns the record. Set to -1 if not used.
$auth_user_field = 1;

If that's not it .. be sure that all your field definitions are numbered in sequence starting with "0", if not, that can cause problems.

Hope this helps

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