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Can't locate Time/Local.pm in @INC

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Can't locate Time/Local.pm in @INC
I am getting internal server error. I look at my error log and it gives this error...
Can't locate Time/Local.pm in @INC ...etc...
Any help/suggestions?
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Re: Can't locate Time/Local.pm in @INC In reply to
What type of Web Account do you have? If it is a virtual account, I would recommend contacting your hosting company and ask them about their Perl build (it should be 5.003 to work with DBMAN). If they do not have this version, then ask them to upgrade (takes about 10 minutes at the most to do). If you are maintaining your Web on a physical dedicated server, then download the most recent build of Perl from either perl.com, cpan.org, or activestate.com; and install the new build.


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