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userid field accept chinese character

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userid field accept chinese character
Dear Sir :
and hello everybody...all my site visitor are chinese people..and i found out dbman does not accept chinese character to be userid.
is it possible to modify ?i really need it
would you kindly to teach me?
thank you very much

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Re: userid field accept chinese character In reply to
The whole issue of which characters are allowed in usernames is based on the fact that, when a person logs in to the database, a file is created with the username as part of the file name. I know that there are a number of characters that are not allowed in file names. The only ones that I'm sure are allowed are the English letters and numbers.

Can you create -- and access -- a file that has these characters in its name?

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Re: userid field accept chinese character In reply to
A thread relating to using special characters can be found at:


Also I'm not sure if you are using the Big5 coding, but if so, token came up with this solution:

quote by token:
I wanted to convert the user online input big5 chinese code into Unicode into dbman.

Here is what I've done, and it works great.. haven't had any trouble yet....... on each of your html, just after </title>, state the following:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=big5">

This might not have anything to do with your usernames, but may help otherwise, I hope.

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