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storing important data

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storing important data
Hi...I want to use dbman to store resumes...most important for me is that visitors of the site only can do a query on certain fields...let's say, occupation, past jobs, age....but NOT on name, phone number adress (this info has to be kept confidential)...Is there a way to store these fields in a safe way, so no one can read this data???

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You could create you own search form and only include those fields which you want to include.

You can also setup your database so that in the html_record you have the field you don't want visible to others setup as being viewable only to admin.

There is a great tutorial for dbman at: http://www.jpdeni.com/dbman

The FAQ noted below is a great resource also for finding out how to create your own search forms, and to learn the syntax needed to have your fields only viewable by admin.

Hope this helps

Unoffical DBMan FAQ