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my first two databases... thank you!

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my first two databases... thank you!
With the help of people from this forum, my first two dbman databases are up and running. For those who are interested, these are the links to them. I welcome any comment/suggestion.

Women in Jazz registry
This was initially a manually added page of 600 links! I converted it to be run under a modified link management cgi. Several requested changes sent me searching for a more versatile solution, and I found DBman... Several JPDeni's mods were required but it now runs better than it ever did. Most of the issues were related to the various admin fields, such as the ability to hide/show/validate, admin and user search, and replacing current cgi without losing links blah blah. It is all based on Jeannette's initial layout and design.

Raquel Rivera's portfolio
A still very tiny database using JPDeni's short/long mod. The idea was to create one growing database of images and text that can be used in various applicationswithin the site, based on simple "rules", portfolio will only show images with a V=P code for example... Original page design by Kim.

I really enjoyed working working on them, and I am considering converting various portions of www.sitedish.com to a database. It is currently all PHP. There is definitely room for improvement. If you are curious to see the admin section, please leave me a note. Thank you to all who assisted.