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login form...

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login form...
okay i have customized the scipt with my own html...
i have a 'team' of people that can add to the database... everyone else automatically can only view/search ...
how can i link to the login form, but still have no-login for regular site visitors???

Thanx- Jack
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If your "team" of users is already set up, make sure that you have $auth_signup = 0; in your .cfg file. Then link to the login page. Those who don't have a username and password will not be able to log in. Those that do, will be able to log in.

You might want to say something on your login page about the fact that only certain people have login privileges.

Also, have a link for default users to go to, both on your login page and elsewhere on your site. On the login page (within the html.pl file) you would use

<a href="$db_script_url?db=default&uid=default">Visitors' access</a>
on any .html pages elsewhere on your site, use

<a href="http://url/to/db.cgi?db=default&uid=default">Visitors' access</a>