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I m using DBMan html_long and html_short module.

I love it. The problem is sometime I have something like 50-100 records to modify per day.

this module allows only one record to modify (by clicking the radio button) and selecting modify. Then you need to come back and select another one.

Is there a way.....? once I have selected one record modified it and on the modify_success page the rest of records show up? so that I can keep on going selecting another one without hitting my browser back and refreshing the page and again going through all the process?

Its simple I want all the remaining records to show up on the html_modify_success page excluding the one that has been modified and I can select another one and go on.........

Any help?


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Re: [zeshan] html_modify? In reply to
The trick would be telling dbman which set of records need to be modified. If you have a single field such as "Validated" from the validation MOD, then maybe not to hard.
I would assume this function would be for admin only, as if it is not then you need then it get even more tricky.

This is why; all the subs that search/add/delete/modify records use the $in('something') which is passed to dbman through a URL. When you modify a record, that record occupys the $in(). Thus you would need to supply some additional unique $in() such as $in('list_unvalid_on_sucess') then use an if statement in modify sucess to active a NEW sub. The new sub would look like the html_modify_form sub, except it can't use the $in values, so you would need to hard code it to tell it what records to display, which might require a run back through the sub query. So you see, I think it would be quite a hack.

How about this; for admin only, call the html_modify_form (checkboxes and short form of records) into one frame in a browser and then send the modify_sucess to a second frame? Further I don't see any reason why you would need to refresh the html_modify_form frame as long as you can keep track of which records you already modified. Maybe refresh every now and then, (50-100 per day, give me some coffee) and at least once at the end to make sure you got-um-all.

Good luck.
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Re: [zeshan] html_modify? In reply to
What I do to make modifications quicker is to add a link from the short display that only admin will see.

For example:

print qq!<TD><$font><A HREF="$db_script_url?db=$db_setup&uid=$db_uid&modify_form_record=1&modify=$rec{$db_key}">Modify</A> ! if ($per_admin);


print "</font></TD>";

This way I only have to return to the short display to pick another record to modify.

If you are checking the content in the long display you can also include the same type link to go directly to the modify form.

Hope this helps

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Re: [LoisC] html_modify? In reply to
I use the "trick" mentioned by LoisC all the time. Another mod you may be interested in (but I've never really go it to work for me) is the "modify multiple records" (at once) mod. However it may be just what you need.

Good Luck!