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help -- variable problem

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help -- variable problem
okay.. this is a rather weird problem... not sure
if anyone has had a similar one..

on my dbman database, when a user logs in and adds a new record.. one of the variables is 'DateObjectivesSet'
if a user inputs data in the form, and then submits it..
for some strange reason it puts the user name into that field once the form is submitted.. it will put 'admin' or 'user1' as the value.. i can go in there again, and change it, and it will fix it the second time around..

i have tried changing variable names, which doesn't seem to fix it..

anyone had a similar problem.. or better yet know how to fix this?? thanks!

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You need to change the $auth_user_field in the default.cfg file to -1 if you do not want the userid connected with each record.

If you do want the userid to be recorded, change the $auth_user_field to equal the field number of the userid field.

If that doesn't fix the problem, be sure your field numbers are in sequence (i.e. 0 - whatever number)

Hope this helps

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