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event calender

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event calender

first, i wann say, that i have just searched the forum, but i have not find a answer ...

i want to create a event calendar with dbman.

than i wanna make a direct link from my webpage to this calendar showing the results in a list: the list should show all events greater today. is this possible? what should i do.

1000 thanks peter

ps: an example http://www.sport-page.com -> events
or http://www.sport-page.com/...;view_records=Suchen
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Re: [gap1] event calender In reply to
Have you checked out the mod in the Resource Center called "Event Calendar" - This modification allows you get a up to date list of events.

You can also find ideas and solutions for working with dates in the FAQ noted below under "Dates" and also if you are wanting to use SSI check under that sections.

You could also search for threads by the user who created that site: username is "ktt"

Unoffical DBMan FAQ


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