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canīt add

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canīt add
i have installed dbman on my win98se system with xitami. and my problem is, that there is only a text like this, when i type the url:

Database Manager Demo: Main Menu

Main Menu

This database has been set up so any user can view any other users information, but you can only modify and delete your own records. If you have admin access, you can of course do anything you like.

Enjoy! and let me know if you have any comments!

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so i canīt add anything. :(

i hope you can help me. thx kermit
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Re: [kermit] canīt add In reply to
Looks like perhaps you haven't set your permissions to allow anyone to add records.

There is a great tutorial on JPDeni's site which includes a section on setting permissions (with a chart).

If that doesn't help, please post a .txt file copy of your .cfg file and state what permissions you want to allow for your database and someone can help you.

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