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averaging each field

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averaging each field

I have messed a bit with get_average - but no luck. Here is what I am after - any beginning guidance would be appreciated:

I have user posting several records - each field contains a small whole number (0 to 12) - their record can then be displayed as seen here: http://www.cspweb.net/cgi-bin/dbman/golf/db.cgi?db=default&uid=default&sb=58&so=descend&view_records=1&ID=*

What I am after is to display a user's AVERAGES for each field. So we would need to add up all the entries in each of a particular field and then divide by that number and display - doing this for each of the fields.

Again, any direction to start is appreciated.



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Have you by any chance checked out the FAQ noted below under the section "Calculate / Counts"?

You might find some ideas or a solution by reading the various related threads.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ