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Which is better? One DB.cgi, with different DB's or...

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Which is better? One DB.cgi, with different DB's or...
I just downloaded and installed DBMan today. After some issues with my Web Host about setting the permissions correctly (not a straight forward CHMOD when server uses VDE), I have the demo running and am now ready to proceed and set up my database(s).... (I was really pleased with the ease of install and straight forward directions in the readme!)

After I test and demo this for my boss and co-workers, we will buy a license --- what is better? running the db.cgi in a separate directory for different clients (then the login admin is specific to their data) or running one db.cgi with each client identified as a different database? There may be a need for up to 4 distinct DB's per client...

If I use multiple instances of db.cgi do I need multiple licenses?

Any advice would be helpful about how the best way to set up for multiple clients using 1 to many dbs would be!


Hollister, Ca
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Re: [ltillner] Which is better? One DB.cgi, with different DB's or... In reply to
You can run several databases using the same db.cgi file. The exception would depend on what other mods you will be adding to the various databases.

What would differ for each client would be the .cfg and html.pl files. The path to the .pass file is within the .cfg file.

As far as the license it's my belief that you only need to register once if they script will be run from the same server. You can send Alex a message if you want to confirm this.

If you check out the FAQ under the section "Admin" you might find lots of helpful threads relating to how to best setup your databases.

Hope this helps

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] Which is better? One DB.cgi, with different DB's or... In reply to
Can't talk about the license issue - I'm in a non-profit, educational institution using DBMAN because it's available to us for free.

But, on the using a different db.cgi issue, I only use the one and have several db's, for several different clients, each with their own flavor of pages as adjusted within the template/PL file.

You can even add alternate "views" for adding records, modifying records, or viewing records if you know how to alter the db.cgi. The alternate views is helpgul if you want to use one PL file for varying clients who have a need to look like thier own page, but share the same set of data contained in one DB flat file. I do this because I have over 450 iterations of courses being taught in one year belonging to 2 teaching organizations. The database file contains all of these. The alternate views allows each organization to have their own course information displayed inside of their web page template. If you would like more info on how to do this, I can send you some examples.

You've landed a great program in DBMAN - it's quick, easy and very flexible with loads of help available on the internet.

Good luck
Mike Ferris
Tech Integration Staff
Training and Doctrine Directorate
National Geo/Intel College
Wash DC