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Using the forums

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Using the forums
Just a friendly reminder about the use of the forum.

These forums are well known for being very friendly and supportive, where others are willing to help you to either find solutions or to direct you to where information can be located to help you find a solution.

What makes these forums great is that the exchange of information is constructive and not negative. Others may present an alternative method of doing something to give you another variation of the solution, but this is all constructive, and helps us all to work together to both learn and create our databases.

When you find solutions it's also important to note that some coding is written specifically with certain aspects in mind, so do search the forums for threads relating to your issue. It's amazing how much information is hidden within unrelated topics.

When using the various mods available, please read the instructions carefully to be sure that you followed all the directions provided.

If you find new tips and tricks or have put together something using a long thread, please take the time to condense the steps to arrive at the solution and post it for others who may want this modification in the future.


In case you did not read this post in the Announcement forum from Alex:

A portion of it reads:

"For new users to the forum, please try searching the forum before posting. Your question has most likely been asked before.

For veteran users to the forum, if you don't have anything positive to contribute to a post, please do not post anything at all."

Unoffical DBMan FAQ
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Just bringing this back up to the top :)

Unoffical DBMan FAQ