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Userid displayed in wrong place

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Userid displayed in wrong place
I've seen something regarding this before, but I can't find it now.

I've setup the long/short search results mod and configured the corresponding bits of HTML. The problem is that instead of the data I want displayed, I get the Userid.

I seem to recall this is something to do with the Userid field originally being '9', which is now something else - the something else which is now showing the Userid instead.

I have changed the $auth_user_field to the appropriate number in the .cfg file.

Any suggestions?


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Hello Mat, it sounds as though you may have added new fields to the config file after already having records stored in the database.

You'll need to either correct the database files by adding the correct number of | symbols to each of the records or, if it is a new database with not many records, you could remove the records and start over.