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Upload strangeness -- file paths changing?

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Upload strangeness -- file paths changing?
I've installed the single file upload mod from JP Deni. It seems to work great, but I'm seeing two very different file paths and I can't understand why.

Here they are: When I view the database results, right-click on the photo that appears and view properties, all looks fine. I see (for the URL): http://www.feralfelines.net/pictures/123.jpg.

Good --that's the way it should be, right?

But when I FTP into the site, grab the default.db and open it in my text editor, I see the local path to my harddrive (where I got the photo when I uploaded it: C:\Documents and Settings\Nancy Bernard\My Documents\My Pictures\FFFCats\lovebug.jpg

What is happening here?


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Re: [jgold723] Upload strangeness -- file paths changing? In reply to
The original path of the photo will be saved in the database. The important thing is that the photo is displayed from the correct URL.

Edited to add:

If you don't intend to require users to upload a file, you can dispense with the "Filename" field altogether. It really has no use.

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