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Unique entries filtering for field value

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Unique entries filtering for field value

Would like to ask you is any easy way me to filter unique flat db entries (DbMan).
Let's say one db field called emp_types contains preset values (Secretary, Manager, Engineer, Builder)
another field called what contains preset values (good, bad, nice, lasy)
db sample
#ID #name #emp_type #what
1|Sarah A. | Secretary | nice
2|Jean S. | Secretary | nice
3|Lisa L. | Secretary | lasy
4|John M.| Manager | good
5|John O. | Manager | bad
5|Peter W. | Manager | lasy
I would like to build select fields that if you select Secretary in one, second provides existing values from db for secretary (i.e. lasy and nice)
if manager selected in first second provides options to choose from good and bad, but not nice, lasy or others

Selecting java will build myself, just need how to create lets say file with unique entries like form db example above file should look something like
Secretary |nice|lasy|
Manager |good|bad|lasy|

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you
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Re: [erbe] Unique entries filtering for field value In reply to
One method would be to do a custom search form to gather the entries you are looking for and then you could from those search results print them to a file.

Please check out the FAQ under "Searching" and then search for a the mod - send search results to text file by searching the FAQ for "sub html_printout"

Hope this helps

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