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Spreadsheet Mod questions

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Spreadsheet Mod questions
I'm using JPDeni's spreadsheet mod which works great. but I want to change it to do two things:

1) Default sorts by ID number from lowest to highest and I want it to sort in reverse.

2) When I try to sort by the Date field (defined as dd-mmm-yyyy) it doesn't sort correctly.

any ideas?



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1) Use &so=descend in the query string OR create a hidden field in the EXPORT/SEARCH form:


<input type="hidden" name="so" value="ascend">

2) You need to choose the Date field in the sb (sort by) argument. Use &sb=Date or create a hidden field in your EXPORT/SEARCH form:


<input type="hidden" name="sb" value="Date">

Good luck!


Eliot Lee