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Sort by more than one field

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Sort by more than one field

i know that it is possible to sort by any field and also to ascend or descend the output-order. but is it also possible to sort by more than one field?

if so, how to do this - and if [b]not[/b]: what is the sorting-order if there is more than one field with same content. is it sorted by the ID, or ...?

ID | Name | Age
1 | John| 19
2 | Linda | 23
3 | Alex | 19

and, now if i sort by Age and descending, what is the output, and why? is it
a) Linda -> John -> Alex, or
b) Linda -> Alex -> John

looking forward to your replies. thanx. Gerhard.
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Re: [GF2003] Sort by more than one field In reply to
I checked, and it's covered pretty well in the FAQ.

You need to do some coding to sort by more than 1 field.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ
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