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So slooooooow!

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So slooooooow!
My DBman has suddenly slowed to a crawl. I've got a database of 700 records, mostly names, addresseses, telephone numbers and urls. about 43K worth.

As far as I know, nothing has changed. But when I search for something that has more than a couple of records, it takes forever for DB to display them.

Searches that involve only a few records seem to happen at a relatively quick speed.

Is this a server problem, or something that's wrong with DBman?


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Re: [jgold723] So slooooooow! In reply to
Without seeing your database it would be tricky to provide suggestions, but what I could see as things that would make your database slow are:

Extensive use of tables in displays
Graphics that aren't optimized
How many records are you displaying ($db_max_hits)
Are you using short/long display?

If you post your url perhaps we can provide suggestions.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] So slooooooow! In reply to
I don't think it's DBMan- a database of 43k is small. I've tested it with over 2000 records and a db size of over a meg and it still worked OK.
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