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Select Fields

First time. Just learn perl. Just got this up and running.

I have 2 questions about select fields.

1. Can you have a flat file that you can read the select fields in from?

2. I am think I might have a reason to have 2 data base going. I can see where if I was able to make the select files in Data base 2 be the create from a certain filed from Data base 1.


Data Base 1

1|Jim|Bob|123 front|nowhere|AL|I like nothing|
2|Bob|Jim|234 howard|somewhere|TN|I like everything|
3|Billy|Bob|987 metoo|everywhere|CA|I like you|

Database 2

In the Add form

Select fields First Name have "jim,bob,billy" as its options.

I hope I made this clear. If not please let me know.

Thank you all. So far I love this. Just wish I knew perl better.

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Re: Select Fields In reply to
ummm ... you don't need 2 databases to do that 1 should do fine. I have something similar but it makes a menu tree instead of the links and cuts out the repeats ... dam I forgot the name but I'm sure sure if you check these resource areas you'll find it:

You may want to check our JPDeni's excellent DBMan tutorial.

And LoisC's excellent resource
Unoffical DBMan FAQ

Thanks to them both.

was it list categories ??

you can also do something with a sub from db.cgi called which probably will be easier to do --- actually this should be what you need ....

sub build_select_field_from_db

it's easy to use and very similar to what's already is being used in the default html.pl for building the categories ... all you need to do is add _from_db to sub build_select_field in html.pl and make sure you have data already to build from.

good luck sorry is this post was longer than necessary

on the pages in between ...