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Searching multiple databases

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Searching multiple databases
I have 5 DBMan databases working on the same site, every database is an individual entity with its own DB file and Html.pl, but all these SHARE the same authorization module and users are required to login to add, view and modify etc.

I am looking for something which would enable me to search all 5 databases at once and then I can modify or delete from the databases. Its hectic to go every database individually and modify and delete the records?

Is it possible?

Thanks for any input.

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Re: [zeshan] Searching multiple databases In reply to
No it's not possible to search multiple databases at once.

As admin you can create a menu of links to each database - only viewable to you and put this within your page_top which will make it easy to move between the databases and remain logged in, if you are using the same password file for all databases.

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