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Retreive records in Add Form

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Retreive records in Add Form
Howdy! I've got a simple question for many of you Perl guru's. I'd appreciate the help.

I'd like to retreive the username's records when "Add Record" is selected. You see, the "Add Record" in my database is called "Step 1: Forms" and I have several students who go there and neglect to select "Modify", which brings up their records. So, if they do have records already, I'd like for the records to come up in their "Step 1: Forms" (Add) option.

I know I need to do some sort of if...elsif statement and I've tried several things, including the following:
if {'$db_key=*'}($db_script_link_url&modify_form=1&$db_key=*)

I know, I know. That doesn't work. Can someone shed some light on a solution? Thanks a bunch!


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Re: Retreive records in Add Form In reply to
In the FAQ noted below under the section "Admin" and subsection "Navigate" there are several variations to choose from for sending users to different forms.

I'm sure you will find your solution there.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ