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Trouble using > and< in searches

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Trouble using > and< in searches
For some reason, our DBMan implementation has decided to return no matches if you add a > (Greater than) or < (Less than) before the search criteria in a field.

The specific field in question is defined in the .cfg file as:

nacqcost =>[51,'numer', 8, 8, 0, '', ''],

and formatted in the search form as:

<TR><TD ALIGN="Right" VALIGN="TOP"><$font_color>Acquisition<br>Cost:</FONT></TD>
<TD COLSPAN="3" VALIGN="TOP">&nbsp;<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="nacqcost" VALUE="$rec{'nacqcost'}" SIZE="13" MAXLENGTH="13"></TD>

and finally the display forms show it as:

<TD ALIGN="Right" VALIGN="TOP"><$font_color>Acquisition<br>Cost:</FONT></TD>

It is urgent that I fix this. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have not made any modifications to DBMan in relation to how it handles searches (that I know of!)


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Re: [ltillner] Trouble using > and< in searches In reply to
Please check out the FAQ noted below in the section "Searching" as there are several related threads.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ