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Problems when using default user

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Problems when using default user
Here is a strange one for you. In my database i am linking to files on my server for download. I enter a file name and the link to the file is built automatically. Everything works great except when i use default user it puts a <b>before the file name and a </b> after it. I have never seen this before and dont know what is causing it because when logged in as admin i do not get the bold statements.

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The quickest way to prevent this from happening is to turn off bolding in your .cfg file.

$db_bold = 0; # Bold search results (1 = Yes, 0 = No)

Another way of preventing this from happening in links is to add the following coding at the top of sub html_record and/or sub html_record_long:

$rec{'Filename'} =~ s/<\/?B>//g;

changing "Filename" to the field name

Hope this helps

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