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Problem with Tick Box

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Problem with Tick Box
I have a database that looks like the following

Req L1 L2 L3 Feature Keywords ItemA ItemB ItemC ItemD Comments

1 2 3 1 Faster QoS R IR O NA OOS

2 2 3 1 Slower QoS IR R R NR OOS

Now what I want to do is to be able to search Item A for "Req" that have either R or IR under the ItemA column. I am using tick boxes to do this with. When I select tick box R for ItemA I get some results, when I select IR I also get some results, however when I select both the R and IR tick boxes I don't get any results. Why would that be. Is this a feature that is not supported. Can I not select multiple tick boxes?


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Re: [ewalls] Problem with Tick Box In reply to

In this case, DBMan will search for any records has two features but not either of them. So you should have a extra field called 'ma' (match any) on the seach page. This will cause DBman search any feature for any records

Hope that helps



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