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Problem pasting into text fields.

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Problem pasting into text fields.
The whole thing works exactly the way a I want it to now but I seem to have a problem pasting in text into my text fields! If I paste two large paragraphs from a word document only the first paragraph is actually pasted!

I have tried pasting in from notepad too with much the same result. Seems that if it encounters a linefeed it doesn't paste in any further. Is this normal? Is there a work around or do I have an error somewhere?

I have set the max size at 5000
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Re: [kingdom] Problem pasting into text fields. In reply to
I've never had a problem with pasting a large amount of text into a textarea field. I would be careful with Word as it may add extra character codes, but you said you are having the same problem with a text editor .. that is strange.

Is your field defined as a textarea field such as:

'Desc' => [ 5,'alpha','60x6',800,1,'',''],

<TR><TD colspan=2><$font><B>Description:</B> &nbsp; (Max. 800 characters) Use the enter key to create line breaks.<P>

Or are you just defining it as a regular text field. If so, that would explain why you aren't able to paste more than one paragraph.

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