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Private Message to Eliot

Private Message to Eliot

Since you are not accepting private messages, I am telling you that if you do NOT stop with your rude comments you will be banned from the DBMan forums (other than SQL).

These forums are too well known for being friendly and helpful. You have been the only person over the past 3 years or more to display anger and disgust of others.

Your personal feelings toward anyone should be kept to yourself, as they are not appropriate in your responses.

For the sake of the forums and to not discourage others from being free to exchange information without having to also read your uncalled for comments, or to sense your disgust or anger, your rudeness will no longer be tolerated.

The choice is yours, behave like an adult and respond in a helpful friendly manner, leave the forums, or be forced to leave.

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Post; locked thread Private Message to Eliot LoisC 2176 Feb 9, 2001, 11:41 AM