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Malformed Header Error when trying to add records

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Malformed Header Error when trying to add records
Hey, all...

OK, this is odd. From reading other posts, I know that the "malformed header from script .../db.cgi" error is a fairly common problem.

What's puzzling me in particular is that everything was working perfectly well until about a week ago, at which time this error started showing up when trying to add any records:

Error: HTTPd: malformed header from script /cgi/dbman/db.cgi

As far as I can tell, it's *only* ADDING records which causes this error. The database is fairly small (39kb, 103 records), and the other options (view, admin, modify, delete) all seem to work fine.

Unfortunately, the hosting company my client uses doesn't allow chmod file permissions to be changed via FTP (they make me use a byzantine web-based control panel...a headache to work with), so if it's a permissions issue this could be a real pain, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, any ideas on why it would work perfectly for the first 103 records, then start going screwy?