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I can get a flow chart going as I go through what Carol is writing and work through the FAQ' site as well. While I have done flow-charting before, I'll need some critical review to make sure the logic is correct.

RE: posting on the forum. The more I think about that, the more I think that the tutorial should be done first. Once accomplished, perhaps we can use the forum to explain in finer detail the script. But then, isn't that what the existing forum is doing? (thinking/typing out loud)

I can also contribute formatting - but I am of the mind that this should really be text-based unless there is a need for a graphic to help explain a point. So any html will be a no brainer (perfect for me).

Translating the tutorial is a grand idea - I wish I spoke more than just English. We can post on the front page of the tutorial that we need translations.

Thank you's are due to Carol, Alex, Eliot!, Mark and Lois for your help in getting avemp.com launched. You all helped me solve several problems I came up against and made DBMan functional. THANK YOU!!

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Your first tutorial is helpful - it is good!!
Thank you!

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I'll try to write some every day, but this is a very long-term project.

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I forgot to mention earlier...that if you are looking to implement a search engine for the Tutorials, feel free to use my WS Indexer script:


Which is a highly hacked version of Xav Indexed Search....

It includes the following features:

1) Match Terms Options (All Terms, Any Terms, Phrase)
2) Result Format (Compact, Titles Only, Titles and Summaries)
3) Hits Per Page (still under construction)
4) Case Setting (insensitive/sensitive)

You can see it in action at:


I am in the process of making the script work with MySQL for faster searches, less memory overhead, and reduction of disk space.


Eliot Lee
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