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Little league Snooker ... Help

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Little league Snooker ... Help
I am looking at developing a website for a local SNOOKER league on a charity basis (as a hobby, and hoping to learn a little at the same time)...

I would like each team in the league to have it's own page where they could define their team ... ie: Player1, Player2 etc ... Then each week the particular weeks fixtures are displayed and (from drop down boxes) player1 can be chosen to have lost or beat Player4 (for example) from the opposing team.

When six matches (of that fixture) have been added the result is calculated and the league table is automatically updated. When ALL fixtures (for a particular week) are filled, the 'input results' page would display next weeks fixtures.

Each team captain would have a password to input their teams results, team members (anyone) would be able to view results of fixtures and individual matches within fixtures, and the (automatically updated) overall league table.

I would also like to include a box for breaks of 30 or over for individual players within the 'fixture' screen.

In broad terms ... Is DBman right for this job, or should I be looking at using another method. Has it been done before with dbman ? Also, the computer logic of sorting the league table alphabetically and then with different criteria of overall points, games won etc would be beyond me without some sort of a start ...

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Re: [Snookey] Little league Snooker ... Help In reply to
I think DBMan could do what you need with several modifications. You would for sure learn a lot in the process :)

You could start by looking at the using the relational mod. This way one database could be used just to list the teams, another for each player and perhaps another to bring in all the stats for displaying.

You best bet for getting started would be to explore the FAQ and read the various threads related to using the relational mod, multiple databases, calculations, etc.

Also check out JPDeni's excellent DBMan tutorial at:

She has an example relational database you can download and her configurator would be of great help to get your fields and files setup.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] Little league Snooker ... Help In reply to

Thanks for your suggestions ... It is a bigger job than I originally thought but hopefully I'll be able to get something 'working' within the next few weeks ... I'm surprised this hasn't been done before ...