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Listing one alphabetized field

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Listing one alphabetized field

What I am trying to do is have dbman print out an alphebetized list of all the entries into one field of the database. This may be hard to understand and I will try to explain it better now. I have a database with a bunch of fields such as company name, category, contact name etc. What I want is to have a list of all the categories on the main search page and have no idea how to do this. I know it is probably a very easy question for some of you so please forgive my lack of knowledge and help me out.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kevin, you may have some luck in searching the customization forum for 'alphabetical'

There have been several threads on creating an alphabetical index of records.

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Re: Listing one alphabetized field In reply to
Hello again Karen!

Well I found a mod called List Categories and Give a Count in the resources area that says it will do exactly what I need to do. However when I try to install it...after following all the directions as best I know how I receive the following errors:

Error Message : Error loading required libraries.
Check that they exist, permissions are set correctly and that they compile.
Reason: Literal @fields now requires backslash at /mnt/home/c/chamber/dbman/html.pl line 200, within string
syntax error at /mnt/home/c/chamber/dbman/html.pl line 226, near "$option<"
syntax error at /mnt/home/c/chamber/dbman/html.pl line 235, near "<"

My HTML.PL file saved as text can be found here:

The code for the mod was added in sub html_home
The specific mod I am using can be found here

and is the Category names come from the records
For use with the "validate records" mod version.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Listing one alphabetized field In reply to

Hey I just wanted to thank you for all your help but I have hte problem solved!

Thanks a lot!