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I have the hidden ID field in the form to add the records.

The record gets successfully added with the hidden ID but if you push your back button of the browser and click Add the Record again , it adds the same record with the next ID.

any solutions to prevent this?


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Re: [zeshan] Helppppp... In reply to
My install does not do that.

here are some settings to check in the .cfg file;

# The column name for the database key. Can be any column, but it must be unique!
# You can't have two records with the same key value!
$db_key = 'record';
# Track the key? Should DBMan keep a counter of the next key to use? This isn't
# neccessary if you can guarantee that your entry in the key field will be unique
# (i.e. a userid).
$db_key_track = 1;

And make sure the .count files can be accessed, path defined etc. so look for (also in the .cfg file);

# Full path and file name of the counter file.
$db_id_file_name = $db_script_path . "/default.count";