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Help setting up new database

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Help setting up new database
I'd appreciate some help!

I am helping a charity set up a searchable database on their website.

The charity in question have about 80 offices spread across the UK, and each office can cover up to 5 cities.

We want to allow someone to select the county (State) they are in and then a list of all offices within that county will be displayed as a search results.

I need help deigning the database and the search form.

Many thanks

David Cross

PS: Finally, what BBS is this forum running on?

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Re: Help setting up new database In reply to
In terms of disk space...if you are limited...using the Relational Mod may be your best choice...and you could design the following databases:

1) Office
2) Cities

Then you could relate the office with the cities/states.

But it really depends on how much data will be stored for each office.

And about the BBS software...it is WWWThreads, located here:




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Re: Help setting up new database In reply to
I don't think it would be necessary to use a relational database for your project.

If you are just getting started with DBMan your best bet would be to read the tutorial written by JPDeni. This will help you to understand the script and it's uses.

Visit http://www.jpdeni.com/dbman/ for the tutorial. You can also visit the Resource Center here on Gossamer Threads and also the FAQ in the signature below.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ