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Help!!! Please! I'm Begging...

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Help!!! Please! I'm Begging...
Hello - I have been trying to figure out how to do this for weeks. I know you said not to send you e-mails about mods, but I'm at my whits end here. I want to do this in the Add A New Record Section have a pull down menu (select box) with the options a,b,c, ect.. and then when I select option (X) another select box appears or is all ready there that has option (Y). The two select boxes must work together. You only get option (Y) if you had selected Option (X) in the first box. Can this be done?? If so please post the code and spell it out. I guess I'm just dumb. Thanks
Hey I'm not beyond begging if that will get me the help I need. Please....
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Re: [TRD2] Help!!! Please! I'm Begging... In reply to
Have you by any chance checked threads within the FAQ under the sections for fields? I'm pretty sure this has been done but most likely using javascript.

I can't rememember off hand the exact threads to check and am only here for a few minutes so I don't have time to search. I'm sure if it's been done before the solution can be located in the FAQ.

Good luck

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