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HTTP Error 405----

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HTTP Error 405----
I know this is wrong for double posting, but i havent gotting any replies so maybe i posted in the wrong forum the first time. so please forgive......

Hi,I'm getting the following error when I try and add to my database.

HTTP Error 405
405 Method Not Allowed

The method specified in the Request Line is not allowed for the resource identified by the request. Please ensure that you have the proper MIME type set up for the resource you are requesting.

Please contact the server's administrator if this problem persists.

I'm just trying to set up a little web server on an extra pc for my family. It is using Win98se and the Personal Web Sever. I know this isnt the ideal set-up but its what I got. LOL

I belive I have all the read/write permissions on. I'm sure its something in the web server or win98 that wont let me do this. I did check thru the other post and found two others that asked this question and they got the "ask the sys admin for help" reply. well I kind of the admin for my family......

btw my web page is at http://beam.to/amfreak