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Gee, How'd they do that? Blah!

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Gee, How'd they do that? Blah!
Hey ho campers...
I found out about DBMan by looking at a site that had it on...i wanted to have one too so i searched for dbman on yahoo, coz it was the name of the folder in the cgi-bin (blah!).

Lo and Behold, I found it...the problem is...can i make the same thing with just one database, or several, or what? I'm new to all this...so bear with me...

the url is http://www.tes.edu.kw/tes00/friendf.htm

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Re: Gee, How'd they do that? Blah! In reply to
It's just the one database.

If you're looking to get started on DBMan, you might want to read over JPDeni's tutorials at http://www.jpdeni.com/dbman/

Good luck!

- Mark