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Flat file order form

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Flat file order form
I'm new to DBMAN but was able to get it up and running without a problem. I'd like to know if DBMAN is the right tool to accomplish the following:

Create an order page for some buyers that have a usual "standing order" (populated from a flat file) that they can login into, change some pre-filled quantities, click some check boxes to exclude certain items, check the total price and submit their order to an email account.

The standing orders are in a flat file. Some customers have 1 item in their standing order, some customers have as much as 20 items. Each customer has a unique ID that is in the order flat file along with details on each of the items. A second flat file also contains the unique ID and the name and address of the customer.

I wonder if someone can point to where this has been done or the best way to approach it. Conceptually, it should not be to difficult, but I'm struggling a bit and could use some direction. Also, anyone is interested in helping a bit more fully, I'd may be able to make it worth their while.