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Employee signout - can it be done

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Employee signout - can it be done
I'm sort of new at working with online db's. Can I use DBMan to setup an employee signout (in/out) board so our receptionist can keep track of us?

Any tips?

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Re: [mr sprocket] Employee signout - can it be done In reply to

1. Start with JPDeni's "Configurator" and "Tutorial" to set up your system: http://www.jpdeni.com/dbman/index.html

2. Check the "Unofficial FAQ" for ideas pre-written scripts, etc: http://webmagic.hypermart.net/...bfaq.cgi?db=dbmanfaq

3. Search this site (see search link 'options' at bottom of this page) when you have questions and if you get totally lost, yell for help.

Just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, make one change at a time, keep a back up copy before you make any changes and pay attention to directory paths & permissions, permissions, permissions.

Good Luck!