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Define Report_Fields

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Define Report_Fields
As a Newbie to CGI/DBMAN I've been reading through a lot of msgs concerning the generating of Search-Result-pages containing not all of the fields in the database. The way of creating custom search_html_routines in the .pl file is a solution to me, but it won't autogenerate, but thinking about it, I had an idea...

My goal is to show not all of the fields from the stored records to the guests using the default user (most propably a common thingie). The capability of a xxx.cgi which could be called using SSI-includes would give me the possibility of generating reports by defining the fields and the criteria to display in the cgi-call, without giving the guest a chance of finding out about my db/db-structure like:


I am not sure wether it would be possible to enhance the db.cgi by a &view_records_by_fields, I am only shure, I am not able to do it ;)

With the &reportfields=157 I advice to display fields 1, 5, and 7 as defined in abc.cfg even if the searchcriteria-field to compare with might be field number "12"

Get the idea of it? Am I totally crazy or overlooking an even easier solution?

Thanx ...

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You may want to visit the FAQ noted below and read through some of the various threads both under "Searching" and "Viewing" to see if you can find something that will work for you.

It is a great resource for finding mods written to do various things, and I'm sure you will find ideas and solutions which may be of use.

Hope this helps

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