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Database trouble

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Database trouble
Ok, here's the run down
I've got 30 users
inputting several hundred new records each day, we are trying this database out and are up to 2332 records.

I too am seeing dupe record ID's show up quite regularly and have Flock turn on...(I'm living with it for the moment)

My BIG trouble has just started.... something is ERASING ALL the records!! this is the second time in two days. I go in and look and records 1-356 or so are there and maybe 4 or 5 of the lastest count, like 2328 thru 2332, but EVERY ticket between 5 and 2328 are gone!

What would cause this. I see nothing out of the ordinary in the log file.

I have a dedicated server to DBman
400Mhz running Linux 7.0 with 128k ram
on an intrAnet connection

The record structure has 23 fields

I'm now doing a cron hourly backup


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Re: Database trouble In reply to
1) Corrupted default.count file.
2) Flocking turned off ($db_flock in default.cfg).

With that many records being entered everyday, got two solutions for ya..

1) Use the Relational Mod to break up the data.


2) Say bye bye to DBMAN and upgrade to DBMAN SQL.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Database trouble In reply to
You can prevent duplicate ID numbers. Check out the FAQ noted below and under the section for "Admin" check out the thread reference "Prevent Duplicate ID #"

As for your database deleting records, this is not good at all, I know i've seen this in the past, but I can't remember the solution. I would highly suggest writing to Alex and seeing if he would be willing to suggest possible reasons this could be happening.

Or, please search the FAQ or forum for all posts regarding records being deleted.

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