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Database Size

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Database Size
I'm trying to get a feel for how DBMan will perform with a database size around 3-6 MB. Can anyone share with me the size of their database DBMan's search times?



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I don't know of anyone who has a .db file that big. DBMan is designed for a .db file under 1 Meg, but will continue to work slowly up to 2 Megs (from what I've learned here on the forum).

Your best bet for that many records would be to go to DBMan-SQL.

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The following is from thread

I am not sure if this will interest you, but I have three test databases set up, one with 3600 records db size 200k, 19000 records db size 1.1 megs, and 57000 records db size 3.3 megs.

There are nine fields, two of which are one character. My hosts server is Dual III 600's
512megs ram serving about 300 domains.

You are welcome to view/search or add items.

Login is test and password is test.
lm = 3600
mm = 19000 records
bm = 57000 records




I have now turned on benchmarking, on the db size of 3.3 megs logging on with 4 users in the password file, took nearly a minute.

This is the benchmark, Processing Time: 58 wallclock secs (56.75 usr + 0.54 sys = 57.29 CPU).